It is the convention in a  short Biography  such as this to pretend that that they are not self penned, as in Klose did this he then did that. The mystery third person with whom I will not bother.  So:

Getting Here:

I was born in Cambridge. My father was a refugee from Nazi Germany, a writer, a veteran of the Spanish civil war. My Mother a was, when they met , a Land Girl  and a refugee from London suburban life.  For the first two or three years or so  of family life we occupied a tent pitched in the corner of a fruit orchard at the top of Madingley hill, not because my parents were crazed outdoor enthusiasts, but because an ex -army Bell tent was all they could afford. And it was handy for the farm where my father worked . Eventually we moved to the cottage at the foot of the hill where my three brothers were born.


Village schools, then school in  Cambridge where I met and became friends with Syd Barrett and Roger Waters.  When we eventually came together in London with Nick Mason and Rick Wright the first and shortest lived version of Pink Floyd came into being. 


I made it through a science degree (just) but had by then discovered my my brother-in-law's darkroom and a fascination with photography that had begun as an eight year old with a `Box Brownie was powerfully reawakened and `I was lost to zoology. After a number  of years freelancing for the Times newspaper group( pre Murdoch),and   other publications, all now defunct. I worked mostly as a "Fine Art Photographer". That is to say I photographed paintings ,sculpture and the like for reproduction in catalogs, books, calenders and as fine art prints.

Whats Here:

Some of the earliest work that I did with proper intent, and some of the latest. There is a lot in the middle to be added. I started  the  Fen pictures when I left newspapers and magazines (or they left me ) and began the art business, working on other projects as time permitted.  Now I have finally been able to set aside an  obsession with a technically perfect transparency that is the first requirement of working for reproduction and can get on with following my own concerns

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